Bayberry Pillar Candles

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  • Available in 3 sizes: 3x3", 3x6", and 3x9"
  • Solid color throughout
  • Burn times:
    • 3x3" - 50 hours
    • 3x6" - 85 hours
    • 3x9" - 100 hours 

Our bayberry pillar candles are our longest-lasting and most fragrant bayberry scented candles. Each bayberry candle is hand poured and uses 100% cotton wick. 

Bayberry candle legend states that burning bayberry candles on New Years Eve leads to good luck in the year to come. Our bayberry scented pillars will burn for up to 100 hours - providing many evenings full of luck and happiness. 

Bayberry pillars are available as 3x3" pillar candles, 3x6" pillar candles, and 3x9" pillar candles.

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