6" Tiny Taper Candles, Set of 24

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  • 6" tiny taper candles
  • 1/2" diameter
  • Solid color throughout
  • Burn time: 2 hours (per candle)
  • 12-pair box; each pair of candles is connected at the wick

Tiny tapers are thinner than regular taper candles, and will only fit half taper or vintage candleholders. They will not fit standard-sized candlesticks. If you need a little extra security, click here to purchase our Sticky Wax.

Each of our tiny taper candles is hand dipped using the same methods as our standard taper candles. Tiny tapers, or half tapers, feature our signature Spun Finish - a distinct linen-like visual texture - on a slimmer silhouette.

We dip our thin tapers with a slightly more delicate 100% cotton wick to ensure that our dry cup burn remains present in each and every one of our candles. These ½ inch taper candles are dripless and smokeless when burned under normal conditions.

6” tiny taper candles are designed for decorative thin taper candle holders, and are the perfect way to add a whimsical touch to any holiday tablescape.

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