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    We offer handmade candles in a variety of sizes + configurations. Shop our dripless tapers in 12” taper candles, 10” tapers, 8” candles, or 6” length candle. Looking for something a bit smaller? Our tiny taper candles are available in 10” tiny tapers, 6” small tapers, or 4.5” skinny taper candles. If pillar candles are what you prefer, our hand poured pillars come in 3x3” pillars, 3x6” pillar candles, and 3x9” candles. How about something scented? We offer 2” votive candles in a multitude of scents. Beeswax candles come in 12” tapers, 10” taper candles, 8” length candles, 6” taper, 10” tiny taper candles, 6” skinny tapers, 4.5” tiny tapers, 2” votives, beeswax birthday candles, and beeswax tea lights.