Mole Hollow Candles was founded in western Massachusetts in 1969. We began by selling candles at farmers markets, and slowly scaled up to a national presence. Today, Mole Hollow Candles can be found throughout the country at independent retailers, gourmet stores, Bloomingdale's, and Whole Foods Markets. 
Quite a lot has changed since 1969, but some things - like our process and our materials -  never will. We maintain the utmost commitment to quality, artisan manufacturing with a focus on domestically sourced waxes, wicks, and scents. We employ local craftspeople and all of our products remain made in Massachusetts. 
To learn more about our candles or inquire about a retail location near you, please email us at info(at)molehollowcandles.com.
Thank you for your support, for you, our customers, keep our family owned business aglow.