Candle Burning Tips

Mole Hollow Candles Burning Tips + Tricks Banner

We hope you’ll enjoy every minute burning your Mole Hollow Candles. Please keep the following tips in mind for the very best experience:


  • Cut wick joining candles + trim each wick to ¼” before initial lighting
  • There is no need to trim wicks after initial lighting
  • Keep out of drafts when burning to prevent drips
  • Never burn candles unattended


  • Place candle on a heat resistant surface such as a pillar plate or small dish
  • Trim wick to ¼”
  • The first time a pillar is lit, burn the candle for at least three hours (or until a 2” diameter pool of wax is melted)
  • Never burn any candle unattended


  • Always burn votive candles in a heat resistant votive cup, as votives completely liquefy while burning
  • Place a small amount of water (roughly a teaspoon) in the bottom of the votive holder before burning for easier release once the candle has been used
  • Trim wick to ¼” inch before each lighting
  • Never burn any candle unattended


  • Always burn tealights in the provided cups, as they completely liquefy while burning
  • For best experience, we recommend placing tealights + cups in a secondary holder
  • Never burn any candle unattended