We offer over 50 colors of hand dipped and hand poured candles. Our hand dipped taper candle, pillar candle, and votive candle colors are blended using custom dye formulas at our workshop in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We do our best to keep all colors in-stock year round so that your favorite is only a click away.

Shades of the Season


Fall Colored Taper Candles - Mole Hollow Candles

Our fall taper candle color palette was chosen to showcase hand dipped taper candles in the shades of a New England fall. We mixed fall foliage candles with a few cool colored taper candles that bring to mind the soft fall twilight. Mix a few harvest colored candles for gifts for hostesses.

Taper Candle Colors

Unscented Colored Taper Candles

Unscented Pillar Candle Colors

Mole Hollow Candles Unscented Pillar Candle Colors

Votive Candle Colors + Scents

Votive Candle Colors + Scents

Scented Pillar Candle Colors + Scents

Scented Pillar Candle Colors + Scents 

Seasons to Come 

Holiday Colored Taper Candles - Mole Hollow Candles

Our winter taper candle palette was created using shades of unscented taper candles designed to evoke a crystalline, frosty chill. Holiday candles in reds and greens mingle with icy purples and blues reminiscent of snowflakes.

Mole Hollow Candles Spring Colored Taper CandlesAt the first sign of spring, we can't wait to decorate our homes with pastel colored taper candles. Pink candles remind us of the blooms to come, while green tapers mimic the buds forming outdoors. Grey tapers and purple taper candles make the perfect accents. We love them all as tiny tapers scattered across a wishful tablescape.

Summer Colored Taper Candles - Mole Hollow Candles

Summer is all about celebrating the bright sunshine and warm temperatures. Our summer taper candle palette was designed with summer barbecues and beach towels in mind. It is as cheery as our recollections of childhood. Try these beautiful summer party candle shades in tiny taper candles for a starlit sparkle.


At Mole Hollow, we believe that candles create a wonderfully special atmosphere during all seasons. Whether they're used during a summer barbecue, a special birthday, a Thanksgiving gathering, or while embracing hygge during the winter, we hope our candles will help to elevate your everyday. We offer many different colored taper candles, colored beeswax candles, colored unscented pillar candles, and colored votive candles.