Seconds FAQs

All your questions about seconds, answered in one place. 

What are seconds? 
There are a few factors that can make a candle a second, including scratches, slight bubbles, or variances in color. Our candles are completely handmade and "oops!" happens. 
Do they burn normally? 
Of course! Seconds have only cosmetic differences. We would never sell a candle that we thought would burn poorly (those get made into Log Lighters - no waste here!). 
Can I create a box of mixed colors? 
No, sorry. Solid color boxes only!
Can I place an order for seconds over the phone? 
Nope! Seconds sales are online only.
Can I stop by and purchase seconds? 
Sadly, also no. We would love to see you but have made the decision to remain closed to the public.
Can I return seconds candles? 
 All seconds purchases are final sale.
How about candle accessories? 
 Same, same. All sale purchases are final.