The Bayberry Candle Tradition

Bayberry Tapers on Holiday Table

"A bayberry candle burnt to the socket brings food to the larder and gold to the pocket."

Burning bayberry taper candles around the holidays is a centuries old tradition. Since colonial times, New Englanders have been making bayberry candles and lighting them on holidays to bring health and wealth in the year to come. Bayberry tapers are believed to “bring food to the larder and gold to the pocket” when burnt on New Year’s Eve.

Tradition is important to us at Mole Hollow, and we strive to keep old customs alive. Today, we make bayberry candles using the same methods as those generations before us. Our bayberry taper candles are hand dipped and finished, and our bayberry pillar and bayberry votive candles are each hand poured from a kettle.

Bayberry Scented Tapers Dipped by Hand


In the time since we began making bayberry scented candles, they have quickly become one of our best-selling, most requested, products. We have customers who return year after year to purchase a box of bayberry tapers for each member of their family – preserving the bayberry candle tradition in their own right and bringing good fortune for their loved ones. 

We offer bayberry scented candles in a variety of styles to fit any room or occasion. Shop bayberry taper candles with an included bayberry candle legend, bayberry pillars, and bayberry votives, or explore all of our bayberry candles.

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