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How Our Candles Burn

A completely dripless candle is impossible to produce, but through careful craftsmanship and premium materials, we create candles that won’t drip or smoke when burned under normal conditions.
Over time, we’ve refined the various waxes and wicks that make up each size and shape of candle to work in perfect harmony. A wax that is too soft (or too hard!) won’t melt properly, and a wick that is too thick (or too thin!) won’t fully consume melted wax, leading to puddles, drips, and smoke.
Each size Mole Hollow candle uses a different configuration of 100% cotton wick. All of our waxes are blended in-house to achieve our desired consistency. Our taper candles, in particular, feature our signature dry-cup dripless burn, meaning that all of the melted wax at the top of the candle is “consumed” by the wick before it even has time to drip.
 Dry Cup Dripless Taper Candle
A dry-cup dripless taper candle
Votive and pillar candles are less prone to dripping, as they are larger and designed to create a contained and complete pool of melted wax (fun fact: in scented candles, this pool wax is actually what emits the smell of the candle!), but we use the same selection process for our materials to ensure that each pillar or votive burns cleanly and for as long as possible.
A few tips to keep your candles dripless:
  • Cut all wicks to ¼” before burning
  • Make sure that your candle is completely upright, as tipping or leaning can cause wax to pool and spill
  • Keep out of drafts or vigorous airflow (ideally, indoors) while burning


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $35 away from free shipping.
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